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Convert comments to PDF annotations when converting DOCX to PDF

I am evaluating Aspose.Words for converting DOCX files to PDF in Java. When I convert a file that contains comments, I can see that the comments are drawn to the PDF in a grey column on the right hand side. Is there any way to tell the API to create the comments as actual PDF annotations (e.g. a highlight and the associated popup box for viewing the text and replying) rather than drawing them directly onto the page itself?


Please note that Aspose.Words mimics the behavior of MS Word. If you convert your document to PDF using MS Word, you will get the same output.

Could you please ZIP and attach your input Word document and expected output PDF here for our reference? We will then provide you more information on it.

Thanks for the reply. I have attached a DOCX with a comment, and manually added the corresponding annotation to the converted PDF in the format that I was expecting. (54.5 KB)


In your case, we suggest you please extract the comments using Aspose.Words and insert them as annotation using Aspose.PDF. We are moving this forum thread to Aspose.Total forum where you will be guided appropriately.

I can see how to extract comments from a DOCX, and how to insert annotations into a PDF, but do you have any suggestions for how to figure out what the coordinates should be for the annotation rectangle, other than searching through the entire document for the highlighted text and then getting its position? Obviously that would be very unreliable if a particular string occurred multiple times.


We have added a feature request as WORDSNET-21645 to insert comments of Word document as annotations into PDF document. We will check the possibility of implementation of this feature and inform you via this forum thread once there is an update available on it. We apologize for your inconvenience.