Convert Excel to PDF to Word

Hi, is there a solution to convert Excel to Word directly? My input is Excel and the output must be a Word doc. I have tried with convert of Excel to PDF and from PDF to Word. By doing so, the converted Word containing the boundary boxes, while it is quite difficult for editing. I tried to set the Recognition Mode to Flow to remove the boundary boxes, however, the original text with underline will have the issue where the underline will overlap the text such like Strikethrough effects in the converted Word.

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Can you please share source files along with generated result to further investigate this issue in details.


Please find the attached samples and do comparing for the output file Word Doc (with boundary) and (without boundary) for the underline text.

working (116.1 KB),

I have worked with source files using Aspose.PDF 20.3 and unable to observe the issue. I have also shared my generated result with you for your kind reference. Please check attachment and share feedback. I also like to inform that you are converting first Excel file to PDF and if generated PDF from excel is fine than issue is in Aspose.PDF otherwise you should contact Aspose.Cells forum. Please check and share feedback with us.Generated (54.1 KB)


There is no issue with Excel to PDF conversion.

The issue is converting from PDF to MS Word, where

i. With RecognitionMode.Flow mode, the text presented in the MS Word without containing the frame but original underline for text has overlay the text.

ii. With normal mode, the text presented in the MS Word containing the frame.

Attached image for your comparison. Please advise if there a solution to resolve the text frame problem?

Word-issue.JPG (48.0 KB),

Please check attachment. There is no such issue which you mentioned with my (9.0 KB)