Convert HTML to PDF with Aspose.Java - Automatic resize images wich not fit inside pdf

Dear Support Team,

I have a similar problem as in this topic:

When I convert an HTML file to a PDF, it seems that the images are not resized to the correct PDF page size and just get cut off, if they are too large.

Are there any solutions in the meantime?

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  • com.Aspose.aspose-java:21.9
  • JDK 13

Example project (2.0 MB)

@bennetpe There is no way to scale the images automatically upon loading document. However, you can easily do this in your code. For example see the following code:

Document doc = new Document("C:\\Temp\\test.html");

// Get all shapes in the document.
Iterable<Shape> shapes = doc.getChildNodes(NodeType.SHAPE, true);
for (Shape s : shapes)
    Section parentSection = (Section)s.getAncestor(NodeType.SECTION);
    PageSetup ps = parentSection.getPageSetup();
    double maxWidth = ps.getPageWidth() - ps.getLeftMargin() - ps.getRightMargin();

    double scaleFactor = maxWidth / s.getWidth();
    if (scaleFactor < 1)
        s.setWidth(s.getWidth() * scaleFactor);

This works fine for me, thanks for the quick reply.

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