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Convert MapInfo project to GML

We would like to convert MapInfo projects to GML and hoped that VectorLayer.Convert() would be able to help us do that. However, the method throws an exception (message: “GML driver can not create layers.”.

Will conversion to GML be supported in the near future and/or does a workaround exist?

Best regards

Hi, @Einherje

Thank you for your interest in the Aspose.GIS product.

Unfortunately, by the moment Aspose.GIS can’t create GML files (read only). I’ve logged GISNET-592 for the GML layers creating. We will update you here as soon as additional information is available. We do not promise quick implementation.

Why are you interested in this format? Please, consider other supported file formats.

Best Regards.

Thanks for your answer.

We are legislatively obliged to convert all GIS data to GML in our sector of work, so it’s not because we wouldn’t like to use an alternative - we just can’t.

I will try to build GML by hand, as your GIS component seem to parse MapInfo projects well enough.

Best regards

Thank you for explaining.

Our implementation of the MapInfo TAB format works well. It is proprietary, but we understand its structure well enough. And we can even create MapInfo files.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other issues or the product questions.