Convert MS Word / HTML to PDF

Dear All,
I’m evaluating the Aspose.Words & Aspose.Pdf products at the moment to identify these two products able to provide the functionality to complete my project. Simply I will need to convert the MS Word / HTML to PDF. But when i try to DEMO version of the Aspose.Words to create the PDF. With the same demo i have created the word and pdf via online. But the format is look different. So i wonder how can i convert the word / html into the pdf without any lost of the orginal format!
Is there anyone who have any idea of how to do it using the aspose.words / aspose.pdf?

Sorry, i didn’t mention that i need the solution in Java instead of .Net.

Thank you for your interest in Aspose products. Unfortunately, java version of Aspose.Words doesn’t support PDF format yet. We are planning the complete reengineering of PDF module in .Net baseline. Only after the reengineering PDF module will be ported to Java. So at the moment I can say only that PDF will be available somewhere in 2008.
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