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Convert .msg to PDF/Print .msg file

Dear Saqib,

I am currently using outlook mail message to print to a Virtual PDF printer to create PDF, but the problem that I am encounter is the print does not allow me to specify the printer which I have to switch back and forth after print.

Is it possible to use Aspose.Network Library to print .msg file or convert to PDF directly without going through Virtual PDF printer that would be brilliant.

Regards Dat.

Hi Dat,

Aspose.Network for .NET does not directly support converting MSG to PDF, but it can be done with the help of Aspose.Words for .NET. Please refer to article for converting MSG files to TIF. But, you may any format supported by Aspose.Words, including PDF, XPS etc.

Please update the last line as:

msgDocument.Save(“Outlook-Aspose.tif”, SaveFormat.Pdf);