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Convert OCR to Text or Pdf file

Hello Team,

We are not able to convert ocr’d files to text file. We tried your sample application Aspose.OCR-for-.NET-master and that is also not converting to text file. We used your same file “multi_page_1.pdf” which is ocr’d pdf file. We are in the final stage of evaluating aspose for our application. We need to resolve this issue before purchasing the Aspose.Total Prodcut family. Please let us know your sample code which will convert ocr’s pdf file to text file or a pdf file.

Thanks for you rhelp,


Can you please share what error or issue you are facing while generating the text file from PDF? Are you evaluating the APIs with temporary license?

Thanks for getting back to us.

We are not getting any error but it is not returning the expected result. I am attaching your sample file pdf and the result file (.txt) for your review. We are using your examples from this Aspose.OCR.Examples.CSharp.sln found in Aspose.OCR-for-.NET-master folder.

Please let us know.



~WRD0002.jpg (357 Bytes)

multi_page_1.pdf (17.7 MB)

(Attachment multi_page_1.txt is missing)

Attachment get not go through. Following is the result that we got for converting mult_page_1.pdf file. Thanks for your help.

426 Chapter 10 Global Mental Health

8tat:n: kneuj ä letter decrying the conditions in private asylums and

called for ""the establishment of public hospitals for

Belgium, whose origins dáte from approximately the insane paupers"" and called to task the British Colleges

same time (Mora, 2008).

++tYt) YY Y4 Y4tt5 t i**t"Y Yt rItt""

ric institutions in France, wrote a report in 1819 in

which he advocated fol a state-run svstem of asylums

/ 4

(Goldstein, 2001). In 1838, France followed Esquirol’s

advice; other countries established similar systems

~WRD0002.jpg (357 Bytes)

multi_page_1.pdf (17.7 MB)


We are checking it and will get back to you shortly.

Hello Team,

Any status on this ticket. Please let us know. We would like to make a decision on purchasing Aspose Toal for our application.



~WRD0002.jpg (357 Bytes)


Please check the below code snippet that we used in our environment and attached .txt file generated by it. The results were better. Can you please make sure that you are using a valid or 30-days free temporary license while evaluating the API?

var api = new OCR.AsposeOcr();

var settings = new OCR.DocumentRecognitionSettings();
settings.StartPage = 0;
settings.PagesNumber = 8;
//settings.LinesFiltration = true;
settings.DetectAreasMode = OCR.DetectAreasMode.DOCUMENT;
settings.ThreadsCount = 1;
settings.Language = OCR.Language.Eng;

var res = api.RecognizePdf(dataDir + "multi_page_1.pdf", settings);
foreach (var result in res)
OCR.AsposeOcr.SaveMultipageDocument(dataDir + "1PagewithImage_OCRd.txt", OCR.SaveFormat.Text, res);

1PagewithImage_OCRd.zip (2.6 KB)