Convert PDF to DOC - The words in TextBox are collapsed after converting to DOC

Hi Aspose team,

We found the words in textbox will be collapsed after converting to Doc
image.png (37.5 KB)

We are using v19.12. Here’s our code
using (Document pdf = new Document(“sample.pdf”))
// Save using save options
// Create DocSaveOptions object
DocSaveOptions docSaveOptions = new DocSaveOptions();
// Set the recognition mode as Flow
docSaveOptions.Mode = DocSaveOptions.RecognitionMode.Flow;
pdf.Save(“sample.doc”, docSaveOptions);

Here’s the test file
header_text_video_audio.pdf (7.9 MB)

Note, we found some machines have this problem and some machines don’t. We are using word 2016 to view the doc.



Thanks for contacting support.

We have tested this scenario in our environment and have been able to observe the issue that you have mentioned. We have logged issue with ID PDFNET-47505 in our issue tracking system. We will share with you as soon as logged issue is fixed.

Hi Aspose team,

How is the progress? We are going to have the code freeze date of our product. Will this issue be fixed within 1-2 months?


The earlier logged ticket is currently under the phase of investigation and as soon as it is fully analyzed, we will be in a position to share some certain updates with you. We will surely let you know once additional updates are available regarding issue rectification. Please give us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.