Convert PDF to PNG in Java - Output image is incomplete and missing the content - Landray RDM 93578

pdf source code: (4.4 KB)

origin pdf:
无标题-已融合 (1.7 MB)

converted problem:
transfer after.png (342.1 KB)
transfer before.jpg (106.7 KB)

It was missed some detail.please have a check.


We have tested the scenario in our environment while using Aspose.PDF for Java 19.12 and observed the issue. The issue seems related to the resolution of the image in PDF document which you are trying to convert into PNG. When we changed the value of resolution as 500, the resultant image was complete.

com.aspose.pdf.devices.Resolution resolution = new com.aspose.pdf.devices.Resolution(500);

Would you kindly try with greater resolution and in case you still face any issue, please feel free to let us know.Converted_Image_3.jpg (1.7 MB)