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Convert Pdf to Word Issue

I am trying to convert a pdf to word by the code below, but the word file seems always got tow pages when the pdf file only have one page after the convert, can you tell why or how can I fix this. Thank you
public string ConvertPDFToWord(string path)
string outputWordFile = Path.Combine(PathConvertHelper.GetNetWorkPathDirectory(), “PDFPath”, “TempPDFPath”)+"\"+Guid.NewGuid()+".docx";
Aspose.Pdf.Document pdfDoc = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(path);
DocSaveOptions sop = new DocSaveOptions
Format = DocSaveOptions.DocFormat.DocX,
Mode = DocSaveOptions.RecognitionMode.Flow,
RecognizeBullets = true

        pdfDoc.Save(outputWordFile, sop);
        return outputWordFile;
    }<a class="attachment" href="/uploads/discourse_instance3/49410">test.pdf</a> (45.7 KB)

test.pdf (45.7 KB)


We did not notice any issue while testing the scenario with 21.3v of the API at our end. The generated .docx file had only one page as in the source PDF. For your kind reference, an output is also attached. Could you please make sure to use the latest available version of the API and let us know in case issue still persists. (22.6 KB)

Thank you, our aspose version is now, do you got a chance to try in this version. And if you can re-produce it, do we got a chance to fix it?


We are afraid that we cannot fix this issue in older version of the API. Please note that the support is always provided on the basis of the latest version and if issue is not happening using it, it means that it has been already resolved or fixed. We always recommend to use the latest version of the API due to the fact that the issues reported in older version(s) of the API are resolved in higher/latest version. We request you please try with the latest version of the API and let us know in case issue still persists.