Convert presentation to PDF in Java

The product page for Aspose.Slides (both .NET and Java) says that PPT can be converted to PDF. I don’t see anything in the API for this. How can I save a presentation in PDF format using Java?


Aspose.Slides for JAVA does not have PPT to PDF conversion feature, it needs to be corrected.

Anyway, there is a workaround which you can use to convert your ppt to pdf document. Please see

A little more information would be helpful. What do you mean it needs to be corrected? What needs to be corrected? The product page? The Java version? Are there no plans to live up to the claims about Aspose.Slides for Java?

Also, the link you provided just takes me back to this thread.


Direct ppt to pdf conversion in Java currently in development and will be available in a couple of months.

If I were to purchase a license for Aspose.Slides now, would I have access to the direct ppt to pdf work when it is made available? Or would I be required to purchase a new license?

Sure, license will give you one year of Aspose.Slides upgrades. If you need some features released after that date you will have to renew license subscription.

Is this still in ‘development’? Do you have a release date? Is there a workaround?


Yes, it’s still in development. You can subscribe to Aspose.Slides blog to get information about new releases. We will post there as soon as new features available.

Workaround is the same as before. Save slides in SVG format and convert it to PDF using Batik. Also you can convert slides to images and insert images to PDF using any third party PDF library.

Is this still in development? Back in March you said in a couple of months it would be available, which is why I purchased the product. What is the status of this feature?

- Ken

Ah… I see that version 2.2.0 seems to have added this support. I will check it out.