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Convert task to tiff images

I am trying to save a task file to multi-page tiff image. I set the following :slight_smile:
ImageSaveOptions saveOptions = new ImageSaveOptions(SaveFileFormat.TIFF);
saveOptions.HorizontalResolution = 200;
saveOptions.VerticalResolution = 200;
saveOptions.MarkCriticalTasks = true;
saveOptions.LegendOnEachPage = false;
saveOptions.Gridlines = new List();

Gridline gridline = new Gridline();
gridline.GridlineType = GridlineType.GanttRow;
gridline.Color = Color.CornflowerBlue;
gridline.Pattern = LinePattern.Dashed;
saveOptions.FitContent = true;
saveOptions.PixelFormat = System.Drawing.Imaging.PixelFormat.Format16bppRgb565;
saveOptions.PresentationFormat = PresentationFormat.TaskSheet;
saveOptions.TiffCompression = TiffCompression.Lzw;
// Save project layout to separate files
saveOptions.SaveToSeparateFiles = true;
project.Save(dataDir + “PrintProjectPagesToSeparateFiles2_out.tif”, (SaveOptions)saveOptions);

The output tif contains several pages, but if last row number on page 1 and the first row number on page 2 you will see several missing rows. Also there columns are missing on the right side on every page.


It is requested to kindly share the sample file with us for further investigation.

Moreover, You may share confidential files in a private message and the files shared in private message shall only be accessible to Aspose staff. For this purpose, please find the “Message” button by clicking on my name.


We have investigated this issue and found that it is happening because of VerticalResolution. We tried by reducing it as follows and it worked fine.

saveOptions.VerticalResolution = 120;

Moreover, please feel free to write back to us if you need further assistance in this regard.

I made the following change:
saveOptions.HorizontalResolution = 120;
saveOptions.VerticalResolution = 120;

now it shows all rows and I assume all columns.

This must be a bug. You should be able to set a Resolution of 300.


Thank you for your feedback.

We have logged this issue with ID “TASKSNET-3022” for further investigation. You will automatically be informed here once we have more information to share.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSNET-3022) have been fixed in this update.