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Convert To Number Message

Hello, I’m binding data to an Excel Template using your smart tags. It works great, and our company is in the process of purchasing your component. However, when I bind the data, some cell columns have a yellow inverted square with an Exclmation point, clicking on it prompt to Convert To Number - if I don’t convert it, none of the graphs work, but if I convert them all to a number, the graphs plot correctly. How can I prevent this error from occurring? thanks.


Please provide us your sample C#/VB.Net project replicating this problem. Also provide the source/template xls/xlsx files.

Please also test this issue on latest version: Aspose.Cells for .NET v6.0.1.7


I think you may use “numeric” parameter while defining Smart Markers, e.g

See the topic for your complete reference:

thank you.