Convert Word to PDF and Add Text Stamp in PDF using Java

Have a word document which is converted to pdf.
Uses java for programming.
Get a trouble with add text on the top of word:
image.png (31.8 KB)

            TextFragment textFragment = new TextFragment("Сведения о сертификате ЭП");

            TextParagraph paragraph = new TextParagraph();
            paragraph.setPosition(new Position(originX + 100, originY + 50));

if you have any advice on how to do it adequately through the code, I would be grateful to you! Thank you very much for your work guys!

P.S. in .doc that piece look like this:
image.png (11.7 KB)

Problem was solved, setBackground(false) was in code when image coverted from .dco to .pdf, set it to true and all works fine. THANKS FOR HELP!


It is good to hear that your issue has been resolved. Please keep using our API and feel free to create a new topic in case you need further assistance.