Convert WORD to PDF with Table of Contents (Update TOC)


Our program dynamically creates WORD documents that may or may not have a Table of Contents (TOC). We want to update this table of contents before it gets converted to PDF because the page numbering could change.

If the client opens the WORD document we have included a macro that updates the TOC when ever it is opened, but since we give our customers the ability to convert straight to PDF we don’t have a chance to update the TOC.

As a result we are unable to update the TOC programmatically using Aspose.Word and have to use Office Automation Tongue Tied to open the Document and then close it (macro updates the TOC) before we PDF the WORD document.

Is it going to be possible to programmatically update the TOC in a future release of ASPOSE.WORD ?


We plan to add this feature, but it will be long time (3-4 months or more) before it can be delivered.


Hi 2 All

We have arrived to the same point and my question is, has been implimented this feature or not?

Sincerely Sergiu


Dear Sergiu,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

This feature is now available. Please try the latest version of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf.


Do we utilize the update of the TOC in aspose word or in aspose pdf? How would we update it? Thanks.

Best Regards,



Dear Patrick,

Please download the latest hotfix of Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf and replace the old dlls with the new ones.


I am already using Aspose.PDF 2.9.5 and Aspose.Words 3.5.2. Is there a newer version available that I can’t see?

Best Regards,



There is no new version. I am now checking the problem you reported in another thread and the bug will be fixed soon.