Converting Blank PDF document to *.tiff image

When we are converting from pdf to tiff image using the following code, we are getting an error.
This is happening only when we are using a "blank pdf document. If the pdf document has anything in it, it works fine.

					    			//load pdf stream into PdfFileInfo
                                    PdfFileEditor pdfEditor = new PdfFileEditor();
                                    PdfFileInfo fileInfo = new PdfFileInfo(docStream);
                                    //new code to unpack pdf and create tiff
                                    Resolution resolution = new Aspose.Pdf.Devices.Resolution(300);
                                    TiffSettings tiffSettings = new TiffSettings();
                                    tiffSettings.Depth = ColorDepth.Format1bpp;
                                    tiffSettings.Compression = CompressionType.CCITT3;
                                    tiffSettings.SkipBlankPages = true;

                                    TiffDevice tiffDevice = new TiffDevice(resolution, tiffSettings);
                                    Document pdfDoc = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(docStream);
                                    Document pdfDoc2 = new Document();

                                    MemoryStream docStream2 = new MemoryStream();
                                    using (MemoryStream pdfPageOutput = new MemoryStream())
                                        pdfDoc.Save(docStream2, SaveFormat.Pdf);
                                        pdfDoc2 = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(docStream2);

                                    _logger.LogDebug("DocumentHandler.ConvertFileAsync: Begin unpacking PDF pages.  Page Count: " + fileInfo.Document.Pages.Count.ToString() + "  PDF file: " + document.FileName);

                                    using (MemoryStream pdfPageOutput = new MemoryStream())
                                        maxPDFPageCount = maxPDFPageCount < fileInfo.Document.Pages.Count ? maxPDFPageCount : fileInfo.Document.Pages.Count;
                                        tiffDevice.Process(pdfDoc2, 1, maxPDFPageCount, pdfPageOutput);
                                        pdfPageOutput.Position = 0;

                                        TiffImage tiffImage = (TiffImage)Aspose.Imaging.Image.Load(pdfPageOutput);


Can you please help me in finding out why it is not able to convert blank pdf document to tiff image.

Attaching a sample Blank document that I am converting to *.tiff and it is giving errors. Blank.pdf (1.4 KB)


I have observed the issue shared by you and it seems related to Aspose.PDF. I am moving this issue to concerned forum so that we may help you further in this regard.


Thanks for contacting support.

Would you kindly share an error detail that you are facing at your end. We will further proceed to assist you accordingly.