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Converting document to pdf changes it's layout


When converting the following document (807.4 KB)
This can be seen on page 5

Using Aspose.PDF v18.3.0 in C#


Thank you for contacting support.

We would like to request you to share a narrowed down code snippet that you are using for this conversion. We have converted the PDF file to a DOCX file and we are unable to notice any issue. Generated file has been attached for your kind reference In case you notice any problem, please share a screenshot highlighting it so that we may investigate further to help you out.

Converting the Docx to pdf is what gives the errors.
This is what it looks like in docx: image.png (92.8 KB)

this is what the pdf of the same page looks like:
image.png (172.7 KB)


We are gathering information regarding your inquiry and will share our findings soon.


Thanks for your inquiry. We have tested the scenario using latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET 18.4 and have not found the shared issue. Please use Aspose.Words for .NET 18.4. We have attached the output PDF with this post for your kind reference. 18.4.pdf (575.8 KB)

The error is still present in the pdf you attached
image.png (108.3 KB)


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that Aspose.Words mimics the behavior of MS Word. If you convert your document to PDF using MS Word, you will get the same output.

There is REF field at page 5. Please check the attached image for detail. Ref field.png (64.7 KB) When you save the document to PDF, it is updated. You can update this field in MS Word to see the undesired content.

If you do not want to update the REF field, please use PdfSaveOptions.UpdateFields property as shown below.

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + @"resultdocs-.docx");
PdfSaveOptions options = new PdfSaveOptions();
options.UpdateFields = false;
doc.Save(MyDir + @"18.4.pdf", options);

Thank you for clearing this up for me.