Converting from Word to HTML- and then HTML to Word (Part 2)


Just started a fresh thread, the other one got too long.

Released Aspose.Word 1.9.7 with more features in HTML import:

We will keep working on HTML import further, but please let me know if something is not working for you and you need some features before others.


What I need is the ability to take an HTML document that was exported from Aspose.Word and re-import it into a Word Document. This implies (because of how Aspose.Word creates the documents) support for styles, at least with respect to fonts.

I do not see anything here (Monday East Coast, US time). Any ETA on a new release that will get me closer to working for this long suffering client who is holding up other work until I get the project depending upong this done?


That’s exactly what we’ve been working on and exactly what I describe in the release notes. Just get Aspose.Word 1.9.7 and see if it has enough features for you.


I will do that. This link does not indicate anything new since 11/6, and so I did not download and try it…


I have tried the insertHtml which works pretty well, but I had a problem with tables not being converted properly. I sent an email to you with an example file. I'm just mentioning the problem here as well to make a record of it.

If we can get tables being inserted well, then I should be ready to ask my client to buy both Aspose.word and Aspose.pdf for our project.

thanks, Jerry


I have one additional problem:

When converting Word to HTML, the headers and footers are lost. I would not even mind if the headers and footers just became part of the main flow of the text of the document (in most cases, documents I am using have a header and footer on page one only).


If you get latest Aspose.Word version, headers and footers are output into HTML already. But you will not be able to get them back into DOC as headers and footers, they will become part of normal text.


I am using version and I do not see headers and footers in the HTML. In retrospect, I am not certain this is a bad thing (I have thought about it more and I may just insert the edited text back over the previous text and leave the headers and footers untouched).


Only main header is exported into HTML at the moment.

I guess I might start adding export and import options to converters.