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Converting HTML to PDF with custom fonts and styles

I have a problem where I need to convert HTML to PDF and in future for other types. If you consider PDF, I notice there are 2 options.

  1. Use Aspose PDF library
  2. Use Aspose HTML library

below are the requirements,
Need to format the output PDF properly with a given style sheet. ex : control page breaks, change layouts ect.
Support custom fonts when converting. note : app is hosted in azure app service

Which product suites well for above requirement. does HTML library has all features of PDF library to convert from html to pdf ?


Can you please share the details of issue in the form of source file and generated output files and used sample code. Please also share the details of the issue as well.

Hi, there is no issue. I just want to know the product which best suite the above requirement. aspose pdf or aspose html ?


Since you want to work with generated PDF later on. In that case, Aspose.PDF will better suiting your requirements.

We cannot compare the two APIs as both are designed to serve different requirements. If your primary goal is to work with HTML files before conversion then Aspose.HTML is right choice. But if you intend to change and modify generated PDFs as well, in that case Aspose.PDF comes into play and right choice.