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Converting Mesh coordinate system

Hi, I have a trial licence of Aspose.3D, we’re looking at using it to improve some of our processes.

Our requirement is to transform the coordinate system of FBX/OBJ files.

The input FBX/OBJ files are in a coordinate system localed in say the UK (OSGB), and they need to be go through a number of conversions. OSGB -> Lat/Long, Lat/Long -> Local Eeast North Up grid.

We’ve succesffuly implemented this in the past using the Assimp library, but this comes with its limitations which I won’t go into, so we’re looking at Aspose.

I’m trying to understand the documentation for Meshes and figure out what would be the most efficient way to move / copy a mesh to export a new FBX/OBJ file.

Would looping over each mesh within the root node, then looping through all of the control points, assigning the transformation to each control point, clearing the mesh control points then assigning the new transformed control points do the trick? Or are their other vertices which need to be transformed? If control points aren’t the only points assigned to a mesh - how do I get them all?


Would the most appropriate way be to create a new tri mesh, assign that to a new scene and then export? FYI we don’t need any other metadata, only the geometry/texture/materials that was within the original FBX/OBJ.

This thread:

mentions that we can edit the mesh directly within the mesh class - do you have an example of updating the coordinates for a mesh so we can re-export?

Is there also a way to remove any 2D geometry before export? (lines/curves)


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@asad.ali, thanks, but I don’t think that there is an issue or a fix required - it’s more for advice


Actually, that was an automated generated response when we attached ticket ID with this forum. The ticket is an investigation ticket logged to analyze your requirements further and share our feedback with you once it is closed.

Understood, thanks @asad.ali

Any news on this?
I’ve managed to convert the coordinates to a degree, but the output scene is rotated by 180 degrees. How do we rotate the scene? Or just rotate the mesh - as this is all I am interested in.


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