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Converting OpenOffice formats

We are developing an application that must have to convert the following formats to PDF, including watermarks. Is it possible using the aspose solutions?

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Thanks for considering Aspose.

Before I comment regarding Aspose products that can support the feature of generating PDF documents, I would request you to share the information regarding the file formats that you are interested in converting to PDF, so that we can share the exact information.

Besides this, let me brief you regarding some of the products offered by Aspose.

We've a product named Aspose.Pdf in both .NET and Java and this component is used to generate PDF documents from scratch. You can use our API to generate the PDF documents, convert an image file into PDF format and even transform an XML file into PDF file. For more information about Aspose.Pdf, please visit Product Overview

Whereas, we've a product named Aspose.Words in both .NET and Java which offers the capability to generate/manipulate/edit MS Word documents. Both the versions, offer the capability to convert the word document into PDF format. For more information regarding this feature, please visit How-to: Convert a Document to PDF

We've another product named Aspose.Cells in both .NET and Java which offers the capability to Generate/manipulate/edit the Excel worksheets. Aspose.Cells also offers the feature to convert Excel worksheets into PDF format. Fore related information, please visit Converting to PDF Files

For editing/manipulating/generation of MS PowerPoint based presentations, we've a product named Aspose.Slides (offered in both .NET and Java) which can serve the purpose. If offers the capability to create presentations from scratch and also provides the leverage to edit existing Presentations. Like other products, it also supports the feature of converting PowerPoint presentations to PDF format. For more information, please visit Converting to PDF File

Last but not the least, we've a product named Aspose.Pdf.Kit which offers the capability to manipulate/edit existing PDF documents.

If the files before conversion contain any watermark, its also included in the resultant PDF document. In case you want to add the watermark after the PDF file is generated, you can try using Aspose.Pdf.Kit. In case you need to put image watermark, please visit Add watermark and in case you need to add Text watermark, please visit Add Logo.

The formats that we need to convert to PDF and include the watermarks are:




Tadeu Mello


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for your request. You can use Apsose.Words to convert ODT document to PDF. Please see the following link to learn more about file formats supported by Aspose.Words:


Best regards.


Aspose.Cells for Java does support to load/save ODS files, see the links (you can see the list of the supported File Format Types in the table):

For Aspose.Cells for .NET, the ODS support is not yet completed, hopefully we will release the supported version soon.

Thank you.

Hi Tadeu,

Thanks for your interest.

In case of Aspose.Slides, we are in the initial investigation phase to provide support for OpenOffice ODP format.

1) For a product overview of Aspose.Slides for .NET, please visit Introducing Aspose.Slides for .NET.

2) For a product overview of Aspose.Slides for Java, please visit Introducing Aspose.Slides for Java.

Best Regards

Hi msabir,

Is Aspose.Slides added support for OpenOffice ODP file format.



Hi Dhivya,

I like to share that Aspose.Slides for .NET offers to access the OpenOffice ODP file formats. Please visit the this link for your further kind reference.

Many Thanks,