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I am interested in evaluating

If Aspose pdf can convert FROM word, excel, html, xml and many more TO PDF format. I see support only for word to pdf. The aspose.cells is in beta and it is said that it would convert excel to pdf. Is there a single aspose product which can convert from word, excel, html, xml to pdf?

I also see support for graphs but not for charts to be embedded from word to pdf or create charts from data and add it to pdf? Is it available in the API?

I would also want to know about OCR and barc coding creation/convertion to pdf.

I see page header, footer but not page numbering. Is it available in the API?

I would also want PDF being uploaded to sharepoint. Kindly point me to the API?


Hello Vishnuvardhan,

Thanks for using our products.

I am a representative from Aspose.Pdf team. This product offers the capability to generate PDF documents from scratch. You can use its API, convert Image file, convert simple text file, transform HTML, XML and XSL-FO files into PDF format. While creating the PDF document, you can specify the Page Numbering information. Please visit the following links for information on

Whereas we have a product named Aspose.Words which offers the capability to generate, manipulate, edit MS word based documents. In order to convert word file into PDF format, please visit How-to: Convert a Document to PDF

We have a product named Aspose.Cells which offers the capability to generate, manipulate, edit Excel worksheets. It also provides the capability to generate charts and convert these worksheets into PDF format. For more related information, please visit Converting to PDF Files

In case you have a requirement to create, manipulate or render Presentations into PDF format, please try using Aspose.Slides. For more related information on converting Presentations into PDF format, please visit Converting to PDF File

We also have a product named Aspose.Barcode which provides the capability to work with Barcode images. In case you need to insert Barcode images into PDF document, you need to use it along Aspose.Pdf. Please visit the following link for more information on How to Integrate Aspose.BarCode for .NET with Aspose.Pdf?

Regarding your requirement on uploading the resultant PDF documents into SharePoint server, I am afraid I am not entirely certain about this feature. However, I believe the representatives from respective teams having components for SharePoint, can asnwer this question.

In case I have not properly understood your requirements or you have any further query, please feel free to contact.