Converting PDF and Microsoft Office Files to Images in C# on Linux


We need to convert PDF and Microsoft Office files (DOC/X, XLS/X, PPT/X) to images.
We have a .Net 7 service, and we need to run it as a Linux docker on Kubernetes.

What should be the base image if we need to support ALL the above file types?
Is it ?
or ?
or any other image.

I understood that Aspose.Slides is supported only in Windows, unless we use a cross-platform ZIP package for .Net 6:

Regarding the above solution we use, is this the best practice if we need to use Aspose with Linux (as a service)?


Regarding Aspose.Cells, we do provide separate Aspose.Cells for .NET7 Dll to be used for non-Windows platforms. Please get/use the Aspose.Cells.Dll from “net7.0” folder at your installation directory.