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Converting PowerPoint file to image (per every slide)

Hi there.
I need to convert every PowerPoint’s slide to image. According to this article: http://www.aspose.com/documentation/.net-components/aspose.slides-for-.net/creating-slide-thumbnail-image.html, the size of thumnail have to be int values. How can I convert slide to image using float width and height values?
Thank you.

Hello Dear,

I regret to share that the Size object doesn't take float parameters. However you may use the following statement while generating the slide thumbnail and can give the scaling factor in float values and can use any scaling value to adjust your requirement.

Image image = slide.GetThumbnail(1.50f,1.50f);

Thanks and Regards,

I know that Size object doesn’t take float values but you used it in your API, that’s why I’ve asked about different way to use float values. The scaling value is something else, I need to pass float values of Width and Height to GetThumbnail method… I guess there is no way to do it…

ANother question - is there another way to convert slide to image?

Hello Dear,

I regret to share that unfortunately there is no other way to generate the slide thumbnail. You may try other options as well by generating PDF or TIFF image of presentation. Please follow this link for further investigation. You may devise a logic by taking the single slide from source presentation clone it in separate presentation having only that single slide and exporting that to PDF or TIFF. Finally repeating the same procedure for rest of slides.

Thanks and Regards,

Ok, thanks. I think I’ll use tiff conversion first and then convert the tiff to required format.