Converting Rich Text to HTML

I work with the latest version of Aspose Total. Is there a function that converts rich text to html?
I need to do that to show rich text parts of some emails in an html page of a web mail site.

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You can easily achieve this using Aspose.Words. Please see the code below:

Document doc = new Document("Input.rtf");

Also note that if you are working with your RTF and HTML content in memory you can wrap the input/output text in MemoryStream objects instead and pass them to the Document constructor and Save method. This would avoid the need to save anything to disk.

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Hello. If RTF contains embeded images, are the images exported somehow as well?

Hi LucasM,
Yes, images are also supported in RTF to HTML or RTF to any supported format. In case of RTF to HTML, you can also export images as base64.
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