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Converting tif/tiff and gif files to PDF

I recently upgraded the newest Aspose.Imaging and noticed there is now official support for certain file types to PDF, but I can’t seem to find official support for tif/tiff and gif to PDF in the new way. The way I’m referencing is here

The old way of doing it using Aspose.PDF here works for most cases of these image types, but we’ve been seeing issues where data can get garbled or messed up using this technique. My current work around is to convert tif/tiff files to jpeg using the below format, then converting that jpeg to PDF using new Aspose code. That has been successful for tif/tiff types for us, but has not worked for Gif files.

//filePath is the tif/tiff file in question
Bitmap.FromFile(filePath).Save(memoryStream, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

So I’m wondering if there is a new officially supported way to convert gif files or tif/tiff files to PDF in the new version or if not, is there one coming down the pipeline for supporting those file types?


I regret to share that at present you may need to use Aspose.PDF to convert TIFF image to PDF on your end. You may work on TIFF image using Aspose.Imaging but may require Aspose.PDF to convert that saved TIFF to PDF. We will announce the feature support when support for exporting TIFF to PDF shall be included in API.

Ah, that’s unfortunate, but hopefully support isn’t far down the line. Thank you for your quick response.

If tif/tiff support isn’t there yet, what about gif as I mentioned as well in my post? Given how popular it is, I figured it had better chance of support, but didn’t find anything saying it was or wasn’t supported.


At present, we have included support for exporting only JPEG, PNG and BMP to PDF in latest release. We will share the good news concerning to PDF export options for other formats including Gif as well.

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Awesome, thanks for the info!