Converting to HTML adds empty pages

Converting to HTML adds empty pages.

Source *.DOCX file and converted HTML screenshot:
Converting to HTML adds empty page.docx (34.3 KB)
Screenshot.PNG (4.1 KB)

@PolyakovDN I cannot reproduce the problem with the latest 22.1 version of Aspose.Words. Here is the code I used for testing:

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\temp\in.docx");
HtmlFixedSaveOptions opt = new HtmlFixedSaveOptions();
opt.ExportEmbeddedCss = true;
opt.ExportEmbeddedFonts = true;
opt.ExportEmbeddedImages = true;
opt.ExportEmbeddedSvg = true;
doc.Save(@"C:\Temp\out.html", opt);

Here is output document produced on my side: (21.5 KB)

Please try using the latest version of Aspose.Words if the problem still exist on your side please provide a sample code to reproduce the problem and the output document produced on your side.

We too didn’t find this bug on HtmlFixedSaveOptions. But we use HtmlSaveOptions and there is this bug. Switching to HtmlFixedSaveOptions is problematic for us.

@PolyakovDN Could you please let me know what application do you use to view the output HTML file? I have tried opening the output HTML in MS Word and it shows one page as expected. In your document there are few continuous section breaks, which are exported to HTML as

<br style="clear:both; mso-break-type:section-break" />
	<p style="margin-top:0pt; margin-bottom:0pt">
		<span style="-aw-import:ignore">&#xa0;</span>

MS Word understand this properly.