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Converting Word->PDF with Word "Keep track of changes" option

I have received a Word document from another department in our company that I need to convert to PDF. The author of the document has the "Keep Track of Changes" option enabled in Word (this is the feature that records the editing history of the Word document.)

When I convert the Document to PDF using Aspose, all the text from the document's entire history is displayed. For example, text that was deleted from the Word document is still present in the PDF (presumably, because it is recorded somewhere in the .DOC file as part of the document history).

Is there something I can change or set in the Word document to correct this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reporting this interesting problem. Could you provide the DOC document as attachment or directly mail to We need to find a way out by testing the file itself.

Thanks for your quick response, but I think I found a solution. The document revision history can be removed from the Word document by using the "Accept all Changes" or "Reject all Changes" option in MS Word. See the following link.