Convertion from word to PDF

We are having problems in convert word documents to PDF.
In some cases the Pdf file are unformatted, specially if the original file has images, these images in pdf appear over the text.
We are doing the same steps that are in the help examples.
Attached are two files with this problem. Is it something missing in the conversion?
Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your inquiry. I can’t open archive you attached. Could you please reattach your documents? I will investigate the problem and provide you more information.
Best regards.

Here is the attached file again.

Thank you for additional information.

  1. The first document contains floating image. There are problems with floating images during DOC to PDF conversion. This is known issue #3098 in our defect database. As a workaround you can use inline images instead floating.
  2. Problem with the second document you can solve using UpdateTableLayout method. Just call this method directly before converting DOC to PDF. See the following link for more information.
    Hope this helps.
    Best regards.