Copy contacts from PST folder to the folder in outlook

I have created pst file with 1970 contacts, and opened it in the Outlook (365) In Windows.
When I wanted to copy contacts from opened PST file to folder in my outlook , it copied 1595 contacts and then show error
image.png (6.8 KB)
Remains contacts are accessible and can be opened.
Please advise if there’s any limit on items in contacts folder.
Or maybe PST is somehow created corrupted ?


I have observed the issue shared by you and like to share that there is no limitation w.r.t accessing contact in PST file. It may be an issue with storage as well. I suggest you to please first try using latest Aspose.Email for .NET 19.3 on your end. If there is still an issue then please provide the source files and used sample code reproducing the issue.

Well, issue is not with storage, as I tested this on few computers.
Seems that issue is happening on the specific contact that during move from folder to folder Outlook moves it but on other hand it still trying to move it and then shows error that Item was already moved or deleted.
I can’t send you code example as it’s our entire application, but this is the scenario.



Thank you for sharing the elaboration. You have ruled out storage related issue on the basis of your test of loading the storage on other computers. The issue may be while reading some particular type of contact from storage and you have shared similar reason while loading in Outlook too. In order to investigate the issue further, we require the source PST file that you have created using Aspose.Email and which fails on copying 1596th contact in Outlook. We may investigate based on the PST file and if further information would be required, we may request you that later.