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Copy/paste large amount of data


I am trying to copy /paste a huge amount of data in a simple Aspose.Grid.Web (no formating, no nothing).

The table is 20,000 rows * 5 columns

My server has a low amount of ram (512M), and I've tried different configuration (sessionmode,...), but performance are still slow.

Is it because of my server?
Is this operation feasible in Aspose.Grid.Web?
If i had validation, will it be feasible?

thanks for your light


The copy/paste operation is done at client side. So the performance is related to the client side machine. Currently, the performance is limited by the javascript. We will study this issue and try to improve this feature.

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Thanks for considering this issue.

To solve the problem now, it will be enough for me, if when I do the copy/paste operation:

  • The control store the data somewhere
  • then the control display only the first 20 rows of the data

I've look at the Paging size property, but, when I copy paste, only the cell on the current page get filled.

Is there a way to make this solution work?
Is there something like a copy/paste event in the control?


Well, When you set the paging... say 20 rows per page, and If you copy/paste data to the page only first 20 records will be pasted. Either you have to eliminate or accomodate the paging to embed more rows on the page. We have considered your requirement and will enhance copy/paste operation to accomodate all the data to the pages soon.

Thank you.


thanks for the new release!

Does it solve my problem?
Do I have to set the paging or the maxrow size?


This version has not resolved your problem yet. We will give a solution in the future versions.

Thank you.


Thanks for the light.
I'm waiting for your solution (can you disclose the time frame?).
If it can help you any how, I noticed that the slow rendering behaviour also appear when I set a large value for maxrow (ex: 20,000; just loading the page is long, even with no data, no nothing).