Copying excel files into multiple worksheets


I have several excel files and have a need to combine these excel files to another excel file. Each excel file will need to be copied into a different worksheet. Can this product do that? If so could you include a sample code?


Dear ktran,

We’d love to help you combine excel files. Please email us the sample files you want to combine.

We will deliver a hot fix and/or sample vb/c# code to you.

Thanks for your cooperation.


Hi ktran,

Thanks for sending us your sample excel files.

We plan to add the following method into Excel class:

public static Excel Combine(Excel[] combinedExcels)

We’re currently finishing the previously planned features and we’d like to implement your feature in next release. Please let me know how urgent your requirement is.

Combining Excel spreadsheets is a very complicated task. It may be easier if the spreadsheet doesn’t include pictures. Will that work for you?


We still need this functionality. The excel file needs to include pictures and borders.


Hi ktran,

We will consider implementing the feature you’re requesting after we finish our current Todo List.

Combining worksheets is a very challenging task, much more complicated than you can imagine. So it’s greatly appreciated if you can offer us enough time to work it out.

Hopefully, we can implement within 2 months. Once we know the exact delivery time we will publish it in this forum. Please keep an eye out for the information on this forum.

Thanks for your understanding.