Corrupt Excel File



I am having a strange problem with Aspose.Excel. (I am using 3.5. I tried Aspose.Cells and it gives the same result.) I am using smart tags to populate several worksheets in a workbook. When I try to open the finished workbook in Excel, I get an error saying the file is corrupt and cannot be repaired. If I do them separately (saving each sheet in a separate workbook), I can open them without problems. Only when putting all sheets in a single file does the problem occur. Here is the strangest part: One of the data table used to populate a particular sheet has 2080 rows of data. If I add one more row to that data table, the problem goes away! I am sending both the corrupt 2080 rows file and the fine 2081 rows file to Thanks.


Yes. This problem is very strange.

Which version of Aspose.Cells have you tried? And could you send your template file and sample code to I will check it ASAP.


I tried Aspose.Cells 3.7.2 and it didn’t work. I am sending you a simple program that will reproduce the corrupt file problem.



I didn’t receive your email maybe it’s blocked by email server. Could you post it here? You can make a privte post if you don’t want to disclose it.