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CPU utilzation reaching 100% on just loading of excel workbokk

Hi Team,

I created a simple application in C# using latest Aspose.Cells (21.11.0) library. This application is just creating a workbook instance (i.e. loading an excel workbook) only. I ran two instance of this sample app on my machine and observed that average CPU time taken by one instance is approx 37-38% and when running two or more instance in parallel, it is making CPU utilization reaches to 100%.

Can anyone tell is this is a desired behaviour or known issue? Is there any workaround to get rid of this issue. See attached snapshots for more details.

image.png (12.8 KB)
01_CPU100Percent.PNG.jpg (184.3 KB)
02_CPU100Percent.PNG.jpg (281.6 KB)
03_CPU100Percent.PNG.jpg (305.4 KB)
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Do you find this issue with some specific file(s) or with any file? If you find the issue with particular file, please zip and attach your template Excel file here.

We found such an issue might occur about CPU usage when loading multiple workbook concurrently. We are conducting thorough tests to evaluate the scenario/case. We have logged an investigation ticket with an id “CELLSNET-50204” for your issue. We will look into it soon.

@Amjad_Sahi : Not with specific files. It is happening with every excel file.


Thanks for the confirmation on it.

any updates on this ticket?


The issue (logged as “CELLSNET-50204”) is “In Progress” and hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Once an update is available, we will notify you here.

@apparity, @net_dev,

For the situation you mentioned, we have conducted multiple tests in multiple different environments. By our test, the cpu utilizations vary, because there are always some other system processes which may share the cpu time. However, we have not found that the cpu utilization of each process is more than that of a process running alone when multiple processes are processed concurrently. Even from your screenshots, we did not find the cpu is 100% occupied by the two processes of loading Workbook. There are some other processes also are using the cpu at the same time.

On the other hand, when opening a large file, it is reasonable that a processor is completely occupied by the process of loading workbook when there are no other processes with higher priority at that time. According to our test, for a 4 processors machine, if we use one process to load workbook from a file, the total cpu utilization is about 20-25%, if we use two processes to load two files concurrently, the total cpu utilization is about 40-50%, and when there are 4 processes at the same time, it is easy to observe 100% utilization of the cpu.

Thanks for your understanding!