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CR and LF In mailMessageInfo.Subject


We have the following problem in retrieving messages with aspose.mail v.19.6 using IMAP.

If the email subject contains a carriage return and line feed (\r\n), the field mailMessageInfo.Subject does not return the subject text but a string like this: “{78}”.

Our code:

Aspose.Email.Clients.Imap.ImapMessageInfoCollection list = imapClient.ListMessages();

the mailMessageInfo is:

CC: null
Date: {13/11/2017 13:11:11}
From: Count = 1
ReplyTo: Count = 1
Sender: “test@agenziaentrate.it”
SequenceNumber: 16
Subject: “{78}”
To: Count = 1
UniqueId: “18”
_CC: null
_date: {13/11/2017 13:11:11}
_from: Count = 1
_imapClient: {Aspose.Email.Clients.Imap.ImapClient}
_pop3Client: null
_replyTo: Count = 1
_sender: “test@agenziaentrate.it”
_sequenceNumber: 16
_subject: “{78}”
_to: Count = 1
_uniqueId: “18”

the fetched message is:


AlternateViews: Count = 2
Attachments: Count = 1
Bcc: Count = 0
Body: ""
BodyEncoding: {#=zZ6NQp2qSD$BcBwfP6AIpNSSP125NCmk47w==}
BodyType: Html
CC: Count = 0
Date: {13/11/2017 13:11:11}
DeliveryNotificationOptions: None
From: {"test" <test@agenziaentrate.it>}
Headers: {Aspose.Email.Mime.HeaderCollection}

... we have removed HtmlBody e HtmlBodyText ...

IsBodyHtml: true
IsDraft: false
IsEncrypted: false
IsReadOnly: false
IsSigned: false
LinkedResources: Count = 4
MessageId: "<0ECC9F0E09F7B14985FF2182098248DD119A6600@RISSTMBX04.risorsead.finanze.it>"
OriginalIsTnef: false
PreferredTextEncoding: {#=zZ6NQp2qSD$BcBwfP6AIpNSSP125NCmk47w==}
Priority: Normal
ReadReceiptTo: Count = 0
ReplyToList: Count = 0
ReversePath: null
Sender: null
Sensitivity: None
Subject: "I: Richiesta collegamento all'Ufficio di\r\n Carpi da Nola"
SubjectEncoding: {#=zZ6NQp2qSD$BcBwfP6AIpNSSP125NCmk47w==}
TimeZoneOffset: {00:00:00}
To: Count = 1
XMailer: ""

thanx in advance


We are checking this on our end and will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.