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Crazy sloooooooooooooow

I cooked up a small sample to test the speed and quality of the product.
It took 56 min(!) to scan a single image for barcodes. My computer is a crazy fast new Ryzen 16 core, so this should take a split second.

    System::SharedPtr<License> license = System::MakeObject<License>();

	System::SharedPtr<BarCodeReader> reader = System::MakeObject<BarCodeReader>(System::String::FromWCS(L"C:\\asposetest\\935.jpg"), DecodeType::AllSupportedTypes);

	std::wstring result;
	while (reader->Read())
		result += System::String(reader->GetCodeText() + u" " + reader->GetCodeType() + u"\r\n").ToWCS();

Using the nuget package version 19.9 with a 30 day temp license and a random image found via Google and saved locally;

What am I doing wrong here?


Actually it takes 15 min for this example. Changing to only look for Code128 takes a split second, so it seems to be a problem when looking for all types which was my lazy approach. I will try to make a subset which includes only the ones I actually need (rather long list so might end up taking 15 min again). Will report back…

The subset also takes forever;

DecodeType::AustraliaPost, DecodeType::Aztec, DecodeType::Codabar, DecodeType::Code128, DecodeType::Code32, DecodeType::Code39Standard, DecodeType::Code39Extended, DecodeType::Code93Standard, DecodeType::EAN13, DecodeType::EAN8,
DecodeType::IATA2of5, DecodeType::Interleaved2of5, DecodeType::Matrix2of5, DecodeType::MaxiCode, DecodeType::PatchCode, DecodeType::Pdf417, DecodeType::Postnet, DecodeType::QR, DecodeType::MicroQR,
DecodeType::UPCA, DecodeType::UPCA

This is missing IATA25, Industrial25 and UCC128 which I could not find support for in decode types?

Any way to get this to perform?

Try to select release version of the library and reduce requested recognition types set. Debug version is slower in 20 times.

Thanks, Alex. That went from 9 min down to 0. Still crazy it’s so slow in a debug build where I usually reside…