Create a Powerpoint presentation from an excel file


Hi, we generate an excel file using Aspose.Cells. What is the best way to convert it to powerpoint?

The file we generate is attached.




Dear Alex,

There are two ways:

1. Add excel file to a slide as OLE object. In this case you have to open presentation after creation and update object. Please check these 2 pages for information.

2. Create table on a slide and fill it with data like excel sheet.


As you can see our excel file is quite complex. Lots of chart and tables, lots of worksheets as well. If I use the first method you mentioned, can I get rid of Object changed message, so that when a presentation is opened, the user just sees the finished presentation without doing anything. I can’t really see how changing the message to a picture will help me there. The second method will not work, I think, because of the complexity of our spreadsheet.


That is not possible to avoid “Object changed” message. Word and Excel have AutoOpen macro which can be used for updating object but PowerPoint doesn’t. It is neccessary to write special Office Add-on. I can’t help with it because never did it. Probably google can help.
Yes, the second way is not good for you too. But there are no other ways to create such complex presentation.


So my only option is to create the whole presentation from scratch? Would Slides support everything I need there?


Yes, it’s not very simple process but possible.
You can add all tables and text formatting with Aspose.Slides.
All charts can be created with Aspose.Charts and inserted to a slide as image.