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Create Digitally Signed PDF Documents (Aspose.Words for .NET)

Dear Aspose Support,

We used the mentioned code ( to digitally sign a PDF document created by Aspose.Words.We use the VeriSign certificate which we got when we registered our secure site. Then when the document is opened by Adobe PDF reader it states that the digital signature is invalid. I have included a screenshot of the error message in the attachment, due to the private nature of the information contained in the document I cannot attach the document itself. What can I do to assure that the signare is valid?

Kind regards,

Jan Rink Brouwer

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Thanks for your request. Please make sure that your certificate is valid. You can do this by calling Validate method of X509Certificate2 class.

Have you tried to sign other document using this certificate (without using Aspose.Words)? Also, please attach your document here for testing. I will investigate the issue and provide you more information.

Best regards,