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Create docx from custom XML

We have a task to create well-layouted docx from custom XML files based on word template, as shown in the attachment.
We have purchased the ASPOSE. word for Java.
So, can we complete this task using ASPOSE. word for Java?
If we can do it, could you give us a best practice example about how to do?
or can you design it for us by paid support?
Promptly reply will be great appreciated.

Best regard,
LIN Jiale (1.5 MB)


You can achieve your requirement using LINQ Reporting. In this case, you need to update your template document according LINQ Reporting syntax. E.g. replace $article-title$ with <<[articletitle]>>.

Please read the following article for more detail.

If you do not want to modify your template document, please use find and replace feature to replace the custom tags with desired content.

Thanks for your reply.
we will try it.

LIN Jiale