Create PDF and PPT Document


can i create one PDF document and one PPT document from the same xml stream?



Aspose.Pdf doesn't modify the input xml stream in anyway so it is possible to reuse it. But I am not sure I understand how you would like to use the xml to create a ppt. Because it is not possible to create a ppt from pdf xml. However you can convert your ppt to pdf if that is what you are asking.


Ok thanks for your reply.

Can i create several slides and copy the slides to one slide at the end?

I want to explain this:

- I have slide 1 with an rectangle on the right top.
- I have slide 2 with an rectangle on the right bottom.

I want one slide with this elements from slide 1 and slide 2.

Your last question is about Aspose.Sildes so I move it to that forum. The developers of Aspose.Slides will reply to you soon.

Dear bart_king,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides.

If you want to copy the contents of some slides to another slide, you can do so with two ways.

1 – Get thumbnails (images) of slides via Aspose.Slides and add those images in another slide.
2 – Copy/create exact shapes either with serialization or with new code.

Thanks msfaiz for your reply.

Can i convert my powerpoint created with java to one pdf document? a friend said to me only the .Net library can do this at the moment.

Yes, its right, but you can use Batik + iText to create PDF from SVG images, and to get SVG images of slides, you can use Slide.saveToSVG() method of Aspose.Slides for JAVA.

For more information, see this link

Should the pdf save function also implemented in java?

No, Presentation.saveToPDF() method is not implemented (will not be implemented soon) in Aspose.Slides for JAVA. Therefore in JAVA, to get this functionality, you will have to use one out of two works around.

1- Either get slide images in SVG format and use Batik + iText to render them as PDF.
2- Or get slide images in JPG/BMP/PNG format and use Aspose.PDF for JAVA to insert them in your pdf document

But I think if i create a PDF with Batik + iText I can’t click on links in the PDF document and if somebody search for a string in this pdf document nothing will be found. Is this right?


Yes that is true. Since the presentation will first be converted to image therefore the pdf will not be searchable.


Thanks for your reply.
Can you say me if I can group some shapes? If not is there a workaround?


Dear BK,

You cannot add new groupshape using Aspose.Slides, but can add more shapes in existing groupshape.

Please see this thread; it also has a code example