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I am working on a project where an engineer completes a certificate document that records the condition of separate components of an air conditioning unit. This includes taking measurements and recording the equipment used to take the measurements of components. These paper documents are then scanned and turned into PDFs.

What I would like to do is create a web/windows form application that allows the engineer to input the data directly. This will save time and once stored electronically the results can be scrutnized more quickly. As well as inputting the data I would like to be able to effectively recreate the certificate document based on the data entered as a pdf.

The problem is there are over 100 certificate documents as there are 100's of components in air conditioning unit and I am looking for advice on how best to acheive this.

For example, should I create a pdf/word template of each certificate document and insert form fields and then do a merge or something similar or should i try and create each pdf dynamically.

I am using .NET and SQLServer or Access Database

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Thank you for considering Aspose.Pdf.

Well, using Aspose.Pdf , you can use both the approaches. The actual requirement in both the cases is the memory utilization.

If you use the first approach to create the Pdf documents separately, save them to the disk and then merge them, creation will take less memory but merging all the documents will take up quite a bit memory. Where as, if you create all the documents dynamically, it will consume much more memory as it will be keeping all the documents in the memory. So, depending on the available memory and document size, you can choose the way.

You can see the following documentation link regarding how you can merge different PDF files together.

Aspose.PDF DOM

Concatenate PDF Files

Aspose.Pdf (Facades)

Concatenate PDF files using file path

Concatenate PDF files using stream

You can also refer to the following technical article for sample code and details regarding concatenation.

How to concatenate PDF files in different ways

In case you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact the support.

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Sorry for my lateness of reply but was ill and then on holidays.

I might not have explained my requirememts exact. While it might be useful to merge all the pdfs together into one large viewable pdf that is not m goal at this stage.

I am working on an application that lets an engineer electronically input the values about the condition of certain components of air con units. In the past this would be done by manually filling in a design certificate form and then scanning that form to pdf.

What i need to do is to take the data that has been input electronically for each separate design certificate form and populate it in a PDF. As i have lots of different design certificates some with lots of fields I was seeking some advice on best way to do this. For example should i create a pdf template of each design certificate with form fields that can then be populate using aspose.pdf via a call to database to retrieve these values.

Many thnks for you helping.


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Thanks for your interest in our products and sorry for replying you so late. I have gone through your requirements and as per my understanding, you may try using either of the following approach.

  • Create an XML template and generate PDF documents. For more information, please visit, Use Xml as Template
  • If the data is stored in database, you may import the data into documents. For more information, please visit Integrate Table with Database
  • Or you may also consider creating a PDF form template and dynamically fill in the data inside these forms. For more information, please visit Fill Form Field in a PDF Document
In case it does not satisfy your requirements or you have any further query, please feel free to contact.