Create pdf with tables

I will explain our requirement in details.

We have to create a tables in the pages based on the data it should be fitted into the page. For example, if data for table is small then i can able to add multiple tables in one page.

For larger data based on the page size it should be fit to page. we have to provide maximum limit for the table in this scenario.

Hi Ramanathan,

Thanks for contacting support.

Aspose.Pdf for .NET provides the feature to place tables inside PDF file and you can also import data from data-source and place it inside table instance. By default, the table is added in flow layout (Top-Left to Bottom-Right) and if table cannot be accommodated in single page, the table breaks to subsequent pages. However you can restrict the table from flowing to subsequent pages by dropping it when it reaches page lower border. Please visit the following links for required information on