Create ppt from HTML



We would like to creat a .ppt from HTML code. I.e. we want an exact copy of our HTML site in a ppt doc. We’re currently using a tool called ABCpdf3, where we can create pdf-docs directly from HTML.
Is it possible to develop this feature in Aspose.PowerPoint?



Dear Meken,

Thanks for your question.
It will be possible to develop later (maybe 2-3 months) after implementing possibility to create new presentations without templates.


We are currently evaluating the product, and we would definitely need the capability to create PowerPoint presentations from scratch (without templates), or even import from HTML.
Is there any progress in this regard yet? For example, the documentation does not seem to mention any possibility to add textframes.
Are there any plans for future support?


Dear Luci,

1. Documentation is always up to date. So if you can’t find something then it’s not supported yet.
2. You can find our future plans in the Blog. As you can see possibility to add new shapes will be implemented in the Professional edition before December.

Thank you.