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Creating a MHTM file using local files


I have a XML page in my disk (C:\pages\page1.xml).

I have a XSL file in my disk (C:\pages\test.xsl).

This page1.xml links XSL internally.

I have 10 to 15 png files (C:\pages\img1.png, c:\pages\img2.png,.....img10.png).

How can I generate MHT file from the above files ?? the output MHTM should be having all the xsl and xml content and also all the pngs are embeded in that out file.

Thanks in advanced. greetings


Thanks for your request. There is no way to convert XML+XSL to MHTML using Aspose.Words. However, you can achieve this using XSL transformation. For example, see the following link, the article describes how you can use XSLT to generate RTF from XML:

After generating RTF, you can open it using Aspose.Words and convert to any format supported.

Also you can use XSLT to generate MHTML directly.

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