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Creating an Org chart in ppt

Does anyone know how to create an organization chart using aspose API?



Sorry but it is impossible.

Good day,

So when you say impossible... it truly can not be done technically?

Can I leverage any of your other tools and than import it into ppt? What about your Aspose.Charts? Can that produce an Org chart?

So I guess my only other choice is to programmatically generate an Org chart using squares and lines....and now i have to deal with layout and real estate challenges, correct?



Impossible I mean you can’t insert real Org Charts like MS PowerPoint do.

Sure, you can use any third party tools to generate image of chart and insert it to a slide.
I’m not sure about Aspose.Charts. If I’m not mistaken it can’t draw Org charts.

Also you can draw it with rectangles and lines of course. Really that is not too difficult.

thank you for you reply.

is there a easy way to deterime layout position and real estate using Aspose API? i would think this would be a non trivial task for dynamically creating org chart heiarchy for n-level subordinates?

and any suggestions you may have to deal with layout and real estate would be appreciated :-)

thanks again,


Sorry, but I can’t help with drawing charts.


which forum do you think i should post this question?