Creating and managing PPT slides using Java


I am looking for Java code that would allow to create/edit/delete PPT slides. The ASPOSE demo doesnt demonstrate the capability to use java crating the slides but instead opens up MS Power Point to do so.

Is there a way that we can edit the contents of PPT slides through Java

Please help



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Dear Javed,

Aspose.Slides is not a graphical component; it is basically a file management component.

You cannot use Aspose.Slides as PPT Viewer nor can you use it as an alternative to MS-PowerPoint.

It means, you will have to write a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for your program to get user input and then manipulate presentation contents e.g. to create/edit/delete PPT slides, slide images etc via Aspose.Slides.

Let me further clarify you; you can write a PPT Viewer using Aspose.Slides. We actually have a demo that displays presentation’s slides in the form of images in ASP.NET application. I will provide its link to you shortly.

You can also see; how to Create Slide Thumbnail Image