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Creating and positioning textboxes

We would like to be able to create and position textboxes from the API.

I saw that a few months ago, someone else had requested this feature and you added it to your enhancements list, and would just like to add our voice to say that this would be a very useful feature.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

You can create textboxes using the
DocumentBuilder.InsertTextInput method. Regarding positioning, you can use a workaround like bookmarks or paragraph formatting.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the info, but that is for something different.

InsertTextInput adds a form field - these are commonly used for mailmerge. In Word these are added via Insert > Field.

What we are after is a Text Box - this is a container in Word. Typically it is used for inserting pictures but it can hold a mixture of text, pictures, whatever. In Word these are added via Insert > TextBox. I believe they reside in the Drawing Layer.

Hoping this feature can be added to Aspose.Word as it would be very useful for us.


Thank you for the elaboration. Text boxes you have meant will be added some time later. Please check back in 2-3 months.