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Creating new mail message using Outlook Template (.oft)


Can I create new email message or .msg file using outlook template (.oft). We got custom template and would like to fill in the information using and then save that file as .msg to open in outlook so all the required info prefilled for user and he be able to modify and send that message using outlook.

Can you help me in this regards if that is possible using or not supported ?



Hi Qasim,

I am sorry, creating the message from Outlook template (oft) is not yet supported. I have added it as “New feature request” in our issue tracking system (ID: 17741). We will update you when this feature becomes available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Qasim,

We just found out that Outlook template file (.OFT) can be loaded using the same method as MSG file.

MailMessage message = MailMessage.Load(“test.oft”, MessageFormat.Msg);

The “message” will contain all the values pre-filled, you may update/add the values and save it as msg file by calling the Save() method.