Creating one file from multiple doc.s


The Roman helped me a lot with this last October when I was trying to figure everything out. Essentially, I had ASPOSE assemble a single DOC file from several templates I had created, based on the terms of user input. For exemple, depending on the way the user filled out several forms, the document might be created from file A–>B–>C—>F or B–>G–>A–>C

Trouble was, the assembled document would not open without crashing Office. Roman looked at my file and determined that it was happening because I was using tables and MS didn’t like that.

To work around this problem, I created a huge master file with all possible assemblies in it, and then took out the parts that weren’t needed. This is “okay” but still isn’;t quite perfect because sometimes the order of the sections should be different.

So, (Finally), my question…

I am wondering if I create each section dynamically using docbuilder (or whatever the new term might be) rather than using static documents created in MS Office, then would the assembly be easier and perhaps not throw the errors?

Programatically, it’s a big PIA to create 100-pages + when I could just use DOC templates, but I will do it if it would work with ASPOSE. What I am trying to avaoid is going through all the hassle of programming a 100+ page document to find it crashes Word when I am done.

The problems didn’t happen using the template assembly until we got into more than 20 sections being assembled, so it’s not like I can start slowly and see what happens.

Obviously, no one can predict with certainty how a program will react under every condition, but I am just wondering what the chances are that ASPOSE can handle something like this. Better to at least play the odds than to head out on a dark road with no flashlight.




Hi Shannon,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

So are you still having problems with composing the document from numerous files? There were lots of improvements since October including those related to both tables and sections copying. Did you try to use the latest version of Aspose.Word?


Well, actually, no – I just purchased the new version, and hadn’t thought of trying to go back to assembly the “old” way. You guys have been rocking so hard on improvements, I haven’t even begun to catch up. Actually, I still have the assembly code and source files available, so it should be easy to test with the new version. I will check it out and report back.

I hate even saying things will be “inconvenient” when talking about this program that is totally changing the way I do things – kind of like saying a plane trip across country is “inconvenient” compared to driving because the peanuts are hard to open.

Thanks, Big “D” – will update with results.