Creating reports


iam attaching one word documet. i need that type of report in grid and i have to export that report to word. is there any solution for this. for reporting piviting concept is there in aspose grid but iam unble to undestand that code. can you please give me the code to develop this type of report in grid. iam binding dataset to grid. the data is related to one support. can give me the code for this.

or any other way to develop this type of reports ?

thanking you


Hi Swapna,

Well, I think your report is more like a pivot table, you may create pivot table reports using GridWeb's APIs, check Pivot Table Report demos:

If you are using databinding, you may bind a set of data to a worksheet, I think you may try to use different worksheets for different portions of data and implement data binding.

For exporting this report to word, Well GridWeb is a spreadsheet manipulation control and you can export the report to excel file. For this, I think you may use Aspose.Words APIs:

and create your desired report for .doc file.

Thank you.